Staff planning on cloud, with clock in & out via mobile phone.

Antosson Group has created in cooperation with SerGate from 2013 to 2015 a software on cloud to manage his employees anytime from anywhere. This software named “Clockino” allows the companies to manage their customers needs, and employees skills. With all these informations, planification is very easy. The employees receive a free smartphone application to view where and when they work for which customer. The employee can clock in and out, send an holiday request or inform about sick leaves. The company has direct access to these clocking informations and they can immediately send their working hours to a payment system to create the payment rolls.

Modern infrastructure

“Clockino” offers you a modern platform based on theĀ  cloud, hosted on 3 different places in Europe . This platform is redundant and so excludes any possibilities of a breakdown. You no longer have to bother about back-up’s or investments for the maintenance. Take a look!